Who are we?

We are The Magnificent Nine, each with the skills of ten people. The first of us is Bogdan. He gathered us, only he knows how and from where, and he makes sure we don’t toss computer screens at each other around the office. Second in command is Nicoleta. She makes sure we don’t forget what we have to do, translates what the clients want and makes sure each and every one of us has a job to do and that we all finish our tasks within the deadlines. Who said it was easy being a manager?

And speaking of manager, Carmen desires a special shout-out. She is the Supreme Referee. Thanks to her, we understand our clients and they understand us. She makes sure we work as a team (we have no choice).

Mircea is The Designer. With a capital D. He is able to understand the weirdest ideas and he can Photoshop like no one else. He knows all the fonts invented, since Gutenberg. In fact, according to office gossip, he might have been Gutenberg himself in a previous life. Alongside him sits Răzvan, the man who can do graphics FAST. Legend has it that he set three mouses on fire this week alone, this is how fast he works. The thing is, he does a really good job and this is why he got the only iMac in the office.

Since we are talking about computer people, we also have two web programmers without whom this place would be a total bore. Cristi and Igor come together. Where one fails, the other fixes and the other way around. The sites they make are pure gold. If the people in Sillicone Valley find out about them, they might actually kidnap them so hush.

Finally, we move on to the brains behind everything: Nico and Andrei. Plus and minus. They are complete opposites; they even sit diagonally across the office to each other, in the office. She works a lot, while he... creates. She is a lady, he is a Viking. She knows social media better than Zucc himself, he writes better than Hemingway. She builds coherent and well organised campaigns, he turns them on their heads and gives brand smart names, because he loves impressing the ladies by showing them his creations all over town. They will never admit it, but they complete each other very well.

What do we do?

Brilliant advertising, this is what we do. With such an epic team, impossible is nothing. We create, write, draw, code and we bring fame to our customers; we put them in the history books; we set their names in stone. You get the picture. We conceive and make Facebook campaigns precisely targeting your audience. We fill the Internet with AdWords banners that attract everyone’s looks. We create brands that can take businesses out of the neighborhood and out on Wall Street. Brands are our specialty and we are great at building them in a solid manner, that will stand the test of time.