From no-name to great name

The people of Happy Media are passionate about brands. When it comes to building great brands, we leave everything aside and start doing research. Who is your competition? We can find out for you. What are the ideas you want to express through your identity? We can figure it out, because we know how to read people and their businesses. What is your audience? Easiest thing ever! These are just the starting points, nevertheless. To figure out what exactly makes your audience smile and what earns its trust, we put in a lot of painstaking, yet pleasant work. A word and a logo: it doesn’t sound like much, but behind them there are many long man hours of trial, error and revelation. Someone comes up with a proposal. Another one discovers that in Bantu that word is not very nice. From our design department, a question comes in: “What kind of red do you want on your logo?”. It all has to fit perfectly. Every element must look good next to the others. The whole thing must represent you.

At the end of this process, the identity of your business just pops out of our head. The name your business will hopefully bear for tens or even hundreds of years; the logo with which everyone will associate you; the colours that will express the state of mind you want to inspire in your customers – all these things will be your banner, the reputation that will precede you and that will make people hear and talk about you. What is the secret of a solid brand? Happy Media.

The Secret of a Solid Identity? Happy Media!

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