“We write words to set in stone”

Before the design, before the final material, there is the story. Any commercial has a story, followed by a message that becomes the motto of the brand. Just take a look around you. You see slogans, calls to action, carefully chosen words. Close your eyes. How many of them can you remember? Well, those you can remember have been written by a good copywriter who knows how to create memorable content. This is what we do here, at Happy Media. We write stories, content for everyone to understand, messages meant to stay forever or go viral. Copywriting is everywhere: web content, AdWords banners, Facebook posts, advertising slogans.

We have a long experience and a passion for accurate, stylish and efficient writing. This is where everything starts: a story. We take brute information about your business and turn it into an attractive story for your customers. Over time, we learned to write about anything, from weddings to electrical installations and from hamburgers to medical texts. We constantly evolve thanks to our thirst for knowledge and thanks to good collaboration with our clients.