“Your business has a nice smile”

Photo and Video services

We work together with a great photographer whom you can’t beat when it comes to taking good pictures or editing videos. Your products will look so good, even you will want to buy them. Legend has it that he once made a photo so great in North Korea, Kim woke up with five million tourists at his border. Need we say more?

Product photography is very useful, because it can appear as it is in various media, but it can also be integrated in a complex design that sends out a message about you. Video clips are a bit trickier and require more resources, but they are the most effective form of advertising. Behind them there are unique and creative scripts that will make both the commercial and the product stand out. The success of a video clip relies on originality, but also on the quality of the footage. We have access to professional cameras and advanced editing techniques.

Audio service

“Don’t change the station, the commercials are coming!”

Do you think radio is dying? Well, what do you listen to while driving, for example? Everywhere in cars, buses, stores and offices you can hear radio. Your business can be heard of everywhere. Happy Media has made tens of hours of radio commercials broadcasted all throughout the country. We are proud of each and every one of them. In 30 seconds, you can say a lot, if you give the job to the professional writers at Happy Media. We know how to put your message in a short form that makes it easy to assimilate and remember.

What are the advantages of a radio commercial? We already spoke of the immense audience radio stations have. Besides, it is quite cost effective. To us, radio scripts are easy to make. A few lines can make the difference between anonymity and fame. Furthermore, think about the pleasant feeling you get when a nice voice talks about you to millions of people!