As one of the biggest cosmetics makers in Europe, Inglot chose Happy Media to promote the opening of its store in Iasi. The event had to be grandiose, so we used a number of media and we invested a lot of creativity in fulfilling this task.

We paid special attention to the teasing campaign we carried out via radio commercials and video clips which were broadcasted both outdoors and indoors. The structure and idea of the campaign were audacious and creative. We chose to write three commercials, starting from the desire of women (the main target audience) to feel admired. Each of the spots complimented them directly, choosing one element of the female face. The voice was friendly, without lacking elegance. Finally, the last spot revealed the event, inviting the audience to the Palas Mall location.

Along with this radio campaign, we advertised the opening of Inglot store inside beauty salons, through our LED screen system placed in these locations, on giant screens placed around the city, through flyers we designed, bt also online, using the Inglot Facebook page.

After having completed our campaign, the brand notoriety expanded in Iasi and the event gathered the predicted audience.


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