This is one of the most daring brandings we ever undertook. The creation of a brand for a Spanish restaurant and wine bar, the first of its kind in our city, was not easy. We had to do a tremendous amount of research regarding other such restaurants around the world, so that we could figure out which are the weak and strong spots of each idea we could have had. The luxurious character of the restaurant made us think of a rather conservative line, both in terms of graphic design and naming. We chose to use the letter O, filled with a red fluid shape reminding of a glass of wine as a logo.

The name Corrido came to us after numerous attempts, some bolder, some more conservative. This one has been chosen by us and the client as being the best, since its sound is more masculine and it has a Spanish ring to it. It follows strict naming rules, being the result of many hours of work consisting of research and combining different elements of Spanish words.


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