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Crisdent is the most popular dentistry clinic in Piatra Neamt. Recently, it developed a general medicine branch and branding it was a challenge we gladly took. Thus, CrisMed was born. Our main mission was connecting the two brands, linking them together, so that the audience would give CrisMed the same trust the more experienced CrisDent has. We used an emotional message to get through to the people’s hearts: “From smile to heart”. Its meaning reflects the diversity of medical services in a friendly way. Therefore, we started a strong Facebook campaign, advertising the two brands together.

Along with the Social Media campaign, we constantly update the website with quality content, optimising it along the way. We research and write articles for the site, about different topics of interest for patients, ranging from health advice to medical technology used in the clinic.


2017 - Present





Digital Marketing, Graphic advertising, Web Design


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