“Din Cuibar”

One of our favorite brands, “Din Cuibar” (meaning straight from the nest) was a typical branding task. We had an ample interaction with our client, from whom we learned what the brand wants to send out and how it is different from its competition. The name says it all. When you say about your eggs that they are straight from the nest, it means they are made under natural, ecofriendly conditions. This is what the business owner wanted to emphasize. Being a premium product, highlighting its main feature that gives the product its quality was our main priority.

The logo is very clear and it represents three eggs in a nest. It symbolises the return to the rural origins of agriculture. Seeking natural products is a very strong trend on the food market, so we chose to send the message out for one last time, using the slogan “Simply fresh”. “Din cuibar”, as a brand, quickly made a name for itself, gaining popularity due to clarity and the brand message.


2017 - Present


Din Cuibar


Branding, Graphic advertising