A real estate agency must be seen as a force on which the client seeking a home can rely. This particular activity demands high amounts of responsibility, so that strength and adaptability are features that a real estate agency should not lack. The name “Evolve” is the process through which the most adapted organism survives and thrives. It means strength, intelligence and superiority, strong pillars for a sturdy business that wants to withstand the test of time. Evolution is the force that moves life forward, helping species preserve and thrive. In business, it gives clients the same feeling of security.

The logo is a graphic concept meant to inspire seriousness, sturdiness and protection. The letter E has been drawn as a three layered roof. It stands for protection and shelter. Repeating it three times makes the impression even stronger. The interests of Evolve’s client are being well protected and defended by the company. Including this symbol in the first letter of the name sends out the idea that safety is well rooted within the Evolve spirit. It is part of the services offered to the client. The window we included in the lower part of the logo is the symbol of transparency, the key to having a trustworthy business. The idea of home is also being suggested by the logo.

The concept wants to highlight the essential values of a successful real estate agency: variety of available homes, trust, strength which is very much needed in any negotiation, transparency, meant to offer the client basis for trust. Being serious and sober are proof of a cold, calculated character, inclined to find solutions.


2017 - Present




Branding, Graphic Advertising