Green Spa

Green Spa beauty salon has been collaborating with us ever since it was founded. The name was given by us. What we had in mind? The dominant colour in the salon. Relaxing green helps Green Spa customers feel good. The logo too was created by us, starting from the idea of femininity and relaxation. Once the brand has been built, we started advertising it. We designed promotional materials for events (vouchers, flyers) and we built a site that would show Green Spa in a favourable way. The website is being constantly optimised and updated with relevant content.

Online, we have created ample campaigns, via Facebook and Google AdWords. The latter consisted of banners linked to landing pages with specific roles, from reservations to advertising certain Green Spa services. The Facebook page, administered by us ever since the beginning, offers content which details and promotes the salon’s services to a targeted audience. We have a tight connection to Green Spa, constantly keeping ourselves up to date with the news and broadcasting them to the audience in a pleasant way.


2014 - Present


Green SPA



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