This daring real estate project has some of the most luxurious apartments and studios for rent in town, targeting a high income and great expectation audience. We had the same attitude when we created advertising products of the highest quality, knowing we will be working for a picky audience. We put together an efficient website, with a minimalistic design and advanced features, including but not limited to the possibility of making online reservations and paying directly via their website. The content was well optimised, SEO wise, because competition is harsh in real estate.

We managed to boost Iassium’s notoriety on Facebook as well, where we constantly posted offers, graphic ads that showed their apartments, but also city landmarks, in order to attract as much attention and interest as possible from people about to visit Iasi. The audience has been selected by targeting foreigners and people from other parts of the country, with a higher predisposition towards business travel.

A very important component of our work was a Google AdWords campaign that proved to be extremely cost efficient. Our client had a lot to gain from it.








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