La Jetoane (Tokens)

“Tokens” is an innovative car wash concept, whose primary particularity is the fact that it offers customers the possibility of washing their own cars, using the equipment provided by the firm. Another strength of the business is the possibility it offers young entrepreneurs to buy “Tokens” franchises and open their own car wash. They even offer business and technical support.

Happy Media was in charge of building their website, creating its design and content. We also made a landing page, linked to Google AdWords banners. It was made to attract investors willing to buy “Tokens” franchises. The careful choice of campaign settings and parameters made a lot of interested people access that landing page and get into contact with the company.

In order to promote the car wash to the general public, we created and administered a Facebook page we populated with graphic content, text and paid ads. The main direction was explaining the advantages of such a car wash, adopting a joking and friendly tone here and there. The local media noticed the page and even wrote about the company, taking the brand even further.


2016 - 2017


La Jetoane



Branding, Web Design, Graphic Advertising, Digital Marketing