Plopii fără Soț

This brand, roughly translated as ”among the odd poplars”, inspired by a Romanian poem by Mihai Eminescu, has always been one of the most pleasant challenges in the history of Happy Media, as it is a powerful symbol known by all Romanians. Happy Media is in charge of their visual identity and online advertising since March 2016. We chose to go with the idea of closeness to nature, very present in Eminescu’s poetry, to establish a connection between the restaurant’s customers and the national poet. Thus, we associated two brands in order to highlight the better features of both and to create an image that emphasizes the finesse of the place.

The theme of the website, menu and texts used in commercials and social media is defined by natural colours, tones of green and the use of elevated and poetic graphic and textual language. We advertise to a select clientele, with knowledge of art and a good taste. We promote the restaurant on many levels, including the food, the general atmosphere, the history of the place and event organizing.


2016 - Present


La Plopii fără Soț



Branding, Web Design, Graphic advertising, Digital Marketing

Plopi fara sot - restaurant