”At the salon, I forgot to look in the mirror”

Look TV is one of the most creative ideas we ever had. It offers an immense audience (20.000 women visiting over 40 beauty parlors). How? By offering them something more interesting to see than the hairdresser working on their hair. Well placed near the mirrors, our screens offer informative and funny content, along with ads targeted towards females with medium to high income. This is quite a large number of potential customers for numerous products and services.

Advertising on these screens is cheap and effective and we make everything from concept to creation. Every week, the content is changed, so that the clients of the salons will have reason to watch our screens. The reach is guaranteed.

Well defined target

Consumers come from high income social categories, with an eye for beauty, no matter what your services and products are.

Maximum visibility

The screens are strategically placed in front of the viewers, at a distance that allows them to easily watch the program.

Number of locations

Our network broadcasts information to over 40.000 viewers every month, covering all main areas of the city.

Easy to receive messages

The target audience gets into contact with the program in a relaxing environment, which changes the perception of the viewer in a positive way.

Long exposure

A client usually spends at least 60 minutes in a beauty salon, no matter what they buy from it.

Interesting program

The program we broadcast is dynamic, covering all areas of interest and positively catching the eye of the consumer.

Our locations

  • Addict
  • Alexandra Beauty Center
  • Alpha Style
  • Appollo
  • Atelierul de Frumusete
  • Atipic – salon concept
  • Avantgarde Studio
  • Beauty Arena
  • Bellessere
  • Body Line
  • Christine
  • Dermoesthetique
  • Distins
  • Escape Beauty Studio
  • Esteth coiffure
  • Estetik
  • Gabriella Beauty Center
  • Gioconda Medical SPA
  • Green Spa
  • Hair by Flory
  • Ingrid
  • Ladies Lee Spa
  • Motz’Art
  • New Style
  • Noblesse
  • Nuevo
  • Posh
  • Privilege
  • Royal Beauty Center
  • Senso Style
  • Studio Visage
  • Sublime Line
  • Tina Glamour
  • Unique
  • Unique Spa Center
  • Vannda
  • Venus
  • Versus
  • Xclusive