Most of the success of a website comes from design. It has to be attractive, to keep the visitor interested, but also send out the information in a short and correct way. The way image and text blend, the way elements are put in the page and the loading speed across devices are decisive factors for all users. They mostly depend on design, but efficient and professional programming also contributes to making the site “move” well.

Functionality and design make up for a whole that makes a site attractive or unattractive. Here, at Happy Media, we know what an attractive website looks like. Our clients notice great improvements in their sales, because we help them send out information about their products and services in a swift and attractive way. Furthermore, Happy Media offers you the possibility to sell your products online. We can make virtual shops comparable to the greatest ones out there, so that you can be in direct contact with each customer.

And, because a website is useless if no one reads it, we make sure to make the best SEO optimisation, so that search engines may place your website as close to the first ranks of their results as possible. SEO optimisation is made after agreeing on relevant keywords for your business and it means using said keywords in creating proper content, so that whoever looks for you ends up finding you.

Behind the making of a good website lays the effort of all our departments. Content writers organise information and write it in an attractive manner. Designers give your website the looks you want, choosing pleasant colours, putting everything together and solving a true puzzle to generate the right visual aspect.

In the end, programmers translate everything into code, making sure each button works properly and then they upload the site, making it available for the users. After this long team effort, you get an end product that can compete against any website out there.